Fine Artwork, Protest Art, and Adult Coloring Pages by Jennifer McDermott

Presenting a new aspect of myself to the world in 2021 and Beyond.

I was a Web designer and User Experience (UX) Designer for 16 years, but I've retired from that profession. Now I'm reviving some of the artwork I've done in the past several decades, plus presenting some newer works. While I'm coding the new user interface, those interested in my art can find it on these sites:

Original Fine Art on Art Pal

Account removed. Husband here ( Jennifer lost her battle, as they say, with multiple myeloma this year. This site will remain dormant until the holidays when I will tell the host not to renew the site and domain name.

Protest Art/Feminist Art and Essay

There are two works available as free Creative Commons BY (Attribution) licenses; the BY license allows you to download and use my work in any way, including commercial uses, as long as you credit me for the work. This is the anti-fascist, anti-Republican image, and this is the anti-sexual harrassment one. They are my humble contribution to the fight against the enemies of democracy.

Adult Coloring Designs on Etsy (No. Account removed)

For those who want a relaxing and intriguing hobby, adult coloring designs enable one to reduce stress while using one's creativity. Adult Coloring Designs featuring Seashells offers 10 designs with seashells and one with the goddess Aphrodite.

Artsyfoolorama, a Blog about Art, the Artistic Process, and Whatever Else Occurs to Me

For witty, pithy insights into the artistic process and ocassional musings about fashion, literature, and other delights, please visit my blog at