Search Engine Optimization for Programmers

Google Plus

by Jennifer McDermott

Mom Gorilla with baby with Google + icon on head Google is the 800-pound gorilla of the Internet. Google+ is its baby. You better pay attention.

July 2011 - Bloggers at started experimenting with the visibility of links added from a Google+ profile. Results were inconclusive.

“It’s pretty clear from tests that the more you can link your website with a Google+ profile, the higher it ranks in traditional search results.“
Nov. 26, 2012 from

" 'That being said, Kamdar stressed that while Authorship is not an algorithmic factor, it is a strong contribution to their social signals that are used to weight search results, including social activity outside of Google+. “We’re working on a number of signals to identify high quality authors,' he says."

-- Virante blog 7/18/12

Google+ Authorship

How to Do It - You can link Website content, articles, and blog posts to your Google+ profile.